I like my soul how I like my toast

•March 28, 2011 • 2 Comments

…black, smoking, and tasting like charcoal.

Fortunately for my fiancée, the only time anything I cook is burnt it is on purpose. Today was his day off, so we spent the morning playing Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe while he ate Rice Crispies and I ate Weetabix and drank six cups of Gevalia coffee.

My name is Israfel, and his name is Judson. We are a Gothic couple who has just moved in together and we are getting married on October 2nd. This blog is about being a Gothic housewife, but also about how being a Gothic couple has its similarities and differences with regard to other lifestyles.

Though I am Goth, I still do things that most traditional homemakers do: cook, clean, decorate, sew, or whatever else needs doing. Welcome to our tenebrous but domesticated journey of excitement.

Today was uneventful. There is not enough space in our nightmarish apartment for me to unpack all of my things at once, so after we clean and move things around a bit, I go through another box or two. I only have about four boxes left.  I helped Judson wash about six loads of laundry, including his work uniforms and a load of towels, a load of bed linens, and a load of socks and undergarments, just to name a few.

While on the subject of laundry, in order to keep dark clothes dark, I recommend a half cup of apple cider vinegar in the wash, as well as using one-third less the recommended amount of detergent. Also, wash them all in cold water, then on a low to no-heat drying cycle. Going from cold to hot causes small holes in most fabrics, causing a moth-eaten look (and ruining your favorite scare-wear).

I fixed him a chicken and mozzarella hot sandwich on a wheat roll for lunch, which he enjoyed. I had honey ham on wheat bread with mayonnaise and yellow mustard. We talked, and we completed his half of the wedding guest list.

For dinner, his mother was here, and she is a vegetarian, so since Judson and I were having my homemade fried chicken tenders and garlic ranch mashed potatoes (recipe at a later date, perhaps), I grilled red, yellow, and green bell pepper strips, and Vidalia onions and put them on a bed of angel hair pasta with mozzarella and butter sauce for his mom. A good dinner was had by all.

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