My name is Israfel, but feel free to refer to me as Issy. I share the name Israfel with an angel who is the subject of both a poem by Edgar Allan Poe as well as the topic of an entire book by Arthur Edward Waite.

I  am a Gothic House-girlfriend (not officially a housewife until October) that finds nearly everything in life to be  interesting and fascinating, and I am constantly fueled by the desire to learn everything about everything. Learning is one of the two of my most favorite things about life. The other is my soon-to-be husband, who I am currently setting up house with. I am, as most homemakers are, an astounding multi-tasker. This comes in handy whether cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, decorating, or any other hobbies I have picked up along the way. I love to meet new friends – by doing so, I learn all kinds of things that I am unable to read about.

I have been writing constantly since I was six years old, and do not intend to stop. I write everything from essays to short stories to haikus, and now I am writing this blog, which will be an informative account of what being a housewife entails for those of us that belong to the Gothic subculture. My intent is to lend support, assistance, and information to my fellow femme Goths, as well as those who are non-Goths but may be interested.

I majored in Web Technologies and Internet Security my first time to college.  I am going back to college to pursue a Masters in Languages and Medieval Studies, then a Doctorate of Ancient Languages.  I am an editor and contributor for the english version of Wikipedia. I speak french and italian in addition to english. (Pour les utilisateurs qui parlent français : écrivez-moi en français si vous préférez.) I feel an inexplicable love and kinship with the walrus, as well as all cephalopods.

It is my pleasure to meet you.


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