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I would like to first offer my sincerest apologies to those few loyal readers of mine for not having posted for such a long while. I can assure you no more waits of this length are in your future. However, I would like to discuss my reason for not having posted in so long: there are only two months left until my wedding day, which is October the 2nd.

Planning a wedding  is a very time consuming and arduous task, especially for those of us not accustomed to doing so. With this in mind, I have decided to make it a little easier for everyone by choosing wedding planning for Goths as the topic of this post.

First of all, do not be frightened by the “largeness” of having a wedding. Many future brides are daunted by planning their own wedding because they see the big picture and all of the little details all at once. They think of every little thing they have to do and arrange, and they become overwhelmed. I know this, because that is how I felt at the idea of planning my own wedding.  However, planning your wedding yourself (and possibly with the help of your parents or bridal party) can save you a considerable amount of money by not hiring a wedding planner. Here are a few tips and suggestions to get you started.

The first thing you need to do is get a checklist. Many websites and stores that have Bridal Consultants offer free bridal checklists or bridal planning notebooks.  You should seize the opportunity to get one of these, or print out a checklist you feel is easy to understand and read. I made my own bridal notebook using a black 1″ inch three ring binder and some dividers. Here are a few websites with free printable checklists or planners that are inexpensive or free:

  1. Gothic Wedding planner  is the websites for Steff Metal’s book on the subject of planning your own Gothic wedding.
  2. Wedding Wire is the website that I used to make my wedding website and get my checklists. Very good site.
  3. Ultimate Wedding Checklist …self-explanatory.

Print out the list and stick it in your bridal notebook. This way, you can certainly check everything off as you go along. If he wants to help, get a copy for your groom as well.

Start brainstorming and collecting ideas. This is one of the most important steps. Pouring over magazines, online resources, books and magazine articles are one of the main ways that brides decide upon their wedding colors, theme (if they decide to have one) cake and reception, honeymoon, and wedding gown. Clip out articles, print things off of the internet, and rip pictures out of magazines.  Put everything in the appropriate section of your bridal notebook and put sticky notes on them if you need to jot down ideas that come to you when you see them. Below are a few sites online that I used for inspiration.

  1. Gothic Beauty Magazine is always full of great pictures and articles. The site page I am linking here is an article on Goth weddings.
  2. Gothic Martha Stewart Weddings is the wedding section of the awesome Gothic MS website run by Trystan Bass.
  3. Gothic Weddings is run by The Knot, but has a lot of great sections and ideas to look through.

Choose your colors and theme. This is crucial, and for a lot of people, will make or break the wedding. Poorly chosen themes or colors can make your Gothic wedding into a tacky disaster.  Be certain you have the budget and resources that you will need to make your wedding the way you want it to be, without sacrificing elegance and style. For my wedding the colors are black, gold, and ivory. Bright white irritates me and I believe it looks horrible on everyone, which is why I opted for a more worn-looking and still classy ivory. Our wedding has a medieval theme, which has been done before, but I also chose this theme because many of my family members are fantasy and history enthusiasts, so I figured a medieval wedding would not seem creepy to them. This way, Gothic decorations, music, and dress would incorporate easily while not frightening my more conservative wedding guests. A second cousin of mine chose to have a masquerade ball wedding, and it was incredible and left the family talking for months afterward.

Even if you are on a budget, do not skimp on your wedding gown. Your wedding gown is going to be the integral part of your wedding day beauty. It is meant to hide flaws (if any) and accent your gorgeous features.  Many brides dream of this gown from the time they are small. For those of us that did not, it still gives us the chance to feel like an empress just for a day. Here are my favorite Gothic wedding dress sites.

  1. Faerie Brides for those of us that enjoy the medieval, celtic, or fantasy look.
  2. Gothique Bridal has tons of options, not only for dresses.
  3. Wedding Dress Fantasy has gowns in every color you can think of.

Themes you should not choose. This is a list of themes that are begging for disaster, or have been way overdone and may issue groans from the wedding party or guests.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas.  This has suddenly become most Gothic brides’ idea of “family-friendly Goth” wedding.
  • Alice In Wonderland. With the current Alice craze, this theme is rarely ever done in a way that is not horribly tacky, but that does not seem to stop people from trying and failing.
  • The Crow. You know why.
  • Halloween. I still can not keep myself from face-palming every time I hear a young Goth couple saying they are getting married on Halloween. Not to mention the fact that Pagans and Wiccans would be busy with religious practices and unable to attend. Having a Halloween themed wedding is tacky and stereotypes all Goths in the world. Do not do this.
  • Vampire themes. With weddings like this, is it any wonder Goths are still fighting stereotypes? Also, this, if done correctly, is not a children-friendly theme, and would cause problems for guests with baby bats.

Make-up, of course. Make up is always important to a Goth, but even though your make up is always over the top and fantastic, you want it to be fatally sexy and glamourous on your big day. Here are some awesome resources I have used:

  1. Adora is my hero , make-up wise. She’s a Swedish make-up artist and with this link to her YouTube channel, you will find awesome video tutorials and advice.
  2. Make up Tips for the Bleak courtesy of a posting on Vamp.com.
  3. Abracadaver’s Make up Guide has great advice on skin care and everything make up wise.

Hopefully the information and links should give all of you Gothic Brides a good starting point. Congratulations to you all!


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