Spicing (and Spooking) Up Your Cooking

Judson and I enjoyed a stress-free trip to the grocery today after going to the gym. This week, on the menu:

  • Chicken  and red, yellow and green bell peppers on a bed of capellini pasta with garlic créme sauce, and breadsticks
  • Jambalaya with smoked beef sausage
  • Caribbean jerk chicken
  • Spaghetti with meatballs in a tomatoless sauce
  • Shepherd’s Pie

Also, I would like to add that all of the ingredients for these dishes only cost us about $75, so it was very affordable. Last night I made cheeseburgers and homemade french fries for us,  which was a simple and enjoyable dinner that left us both feeling full.

On to the main subject of discussion: how can you show your unique style and darkness through your cooking without having it seem like everyday is a certain day in October? There are a bunch of really excellent ways to do so, the bottom line is just to be creative.  While everyone is different, I thought I would share some of the ways that I do it in my own home.

Black pasta. Judson and I both really love pasta in general. I make it a point to try and have it once a week. What better way to make it gloomtastic than make your pasta dishes with black pasta? We recently discovered black spaghetti at our local SuperTarget. However, a variety of black pastas are available for ordering online, such as at the website Alibaba.com.  Another good source is at Italian Corner,

Black Spaghetti

where a package of black fettuccine costs only $4.99 each. After this dark pasta is cooked, it is quite creepy and slimy-looking,but delicious. Black pasta that uses squid ink has a different flavor than black pasta made using other dying methods, so take that into consideration when buying.

Black, bloody looking, or creepy drinks. Martha Stewart and All Recipes both have tons of Halloween or party inspired punch, cocktail, or other drink recipes that can be adapted to everyday use in your Goth home.  Some particularly good ones include:  Spiced Hot Concord Grape Juice and Ghoulada Punch, which is non-alcoholic. Another way to add a little dark excitement is by the use of Black Vodka , which should be available in specialty liquor stores if you do not wish to purchase online.  A quick , morbid fix to a rainy day drink? Try adding food coloring to your hot chocolate or coffee to make it crimson and bloody looking.. or blacken it like bile. Also, as every Goth knows, a bottle of absinthe in the liquor cabinet is always a classic and necessary staple.

Absinthe Original: Bitter Spirits

Previously, as most people know, absinthe was banned in the United States. However, fairly recently it was legalized again, and is now available for purchase online and in liquor stores.  One of the top brands of absinthe is of course, Absinthe Original.  They also make red absinthe, which I have never tried, but is supposedly excellent. It is pretty expensive, however, many celebrities favor it as their absinthe of choice.
If you are not the sort to enjoy drinking absinthe, you may find absinthe candies, chocolates, or mints more palatable. These delicacies are available online, and the chocolates are something I have always wanted to try, though I have not yet had the opportunity. Amazon sells absinthe hard candies and mints. For the chocolates, I recommend Candy Warehouse , whose absinthe cordials are bright green dark chocolate and have excellent reviews by consumers. (These are the ones I plan to try whenever income permits.)

Candy Warehouse's Absinthe Chocolates

Black or morbidly themed desserts. How can you not love baking into skull-shaped cupcake trays, tombstone shaped cake pans, or cut your cookies in bat, star,  and skull shapes? I’m always amused by the creativity of my friends: one served up a  Hershey’s marble cheesecake whose top looked like a spiderweb.  Martha Stewart had this awesome and simple recipe for Marshmallows shaped like Bones, which I find I have really enjoyed in the past the few times I have gotten to use it.

Martha Stewart's marshmallow bones

Well, that seems to be all that I can think of for now, but I plan to post some of my favorite self-created recipes up for use as soon as I have time to rifle through them. Never forget to add your own special touches to any recipe you use, it is always wonderful to wow your friends. Until next time, Bon soir everyone.


~ by Israfel on April 1, 2011.

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