Great grocery grabs, Gothic style.

As most Goths know, finding good quality Gothic items is usually a matter of being lucky, or being in the right place at the right time.  However, if you are a crafty Goth who enjoys baking, scrapbooking, sewing, or other activities,  you may already be familiar with searching clearance or seasonal sections of your favorite stores.

Do you enjoy baking, cake decorating, or candy making? Party City has anything from sheets of candy skull cake decorations to grey and black skull decorated cupcake papers, gift bags, or other tools you may find quite useful in your somber endeavors. In fact, whenever it is not Halloween season, these items are marked down anywhere from ten percent to half-off. (Sadly, most people and businesses associate Gothic with Halloween, though our lifestyle is not seasonal.)

Haunted House Kit

Party City as well as Target also seasonally sell a very cute Haunted House kit – you construct it like a gingerbread house, only with little spiders, black icing, licorice, and little sugar ghosts. It makes a great centerpiece for a party, as you can always leave out the orange candies if it is not Halloween.

Black currant nectar

What about recipes for everyday dining that are cheap and affordable? Martha Stewart had a great idea on her website for black ice cubes.  These can bring an eerie look to any everyday drink. The secret? Black currant nectar instead of water in your ice cube tray,  freeze for at least three hours, and there you are, never having to use regular ice cubes again if you do not want to. You can purchase black currant nectar at It is relatively inexpensive and tasty in many dishes.
The nectar itself is a rich purple with red tints, and appears nearly black itself even before it is frozen. It also has a decadent, rich aroma which is quite pleasant. The black currant fruits themselves are very dark as well, and have similar coloration to Concord grapes.

On another food-related note, tomorrow, Judson and I are going grocery shopping together for the first time since we have begun living together. I used to be very apprehensive of grocery shopping when I lived alone or even with  a roommate, but my best friend taught me a great way to simplify it, and this method always prevents me from impulse buys.

First, get one sheet of paper and fold it down the center vertically so that you have two long columns. In the right hand column, you write the days of the week with a few lines between. Then, under each day of the week, write the name of the main dish you are planning for that night and the side dish(es). In the left column, write down all of the ingredients (ground beef, chicken, broccoli, potatoes, salad dressing, et cetera) that you need to make each of those meals, going in order. Snacks and non-food supplies go at the bottom after all of the food (such as dish soap, shampoo, trash bags). I sometimes like to put the list folded with the “menu” side showing on the fridge when I get home, so that Judson or my company can see what is for dinner that evening.

Pleasant shopping!


~ by Israfel on March 31, 2011.

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